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We are committed to producing all-natural beverages that are specifically formulated to aid in the recover of dehydrated athletes.  With the infusion of all-natural ingredients, our product stands apart from the rest by being a healthy alternative in the sports drink world 

Project Hydrate was started with you in mind the every day athlete.

Our Story

Project Hydrate was created by Professional Strength & Conditioning coaches with the every day athlete in mind.  

Our Mission

Project Hydrate is a life-style company that encourages people to live healthy lives through proper nutrition and fitness


Sarah T. - Personal Trainer Houston, Texas

 “PH is the best product I’ve seen to hydrate athletes at all levels.” 

Michael M. - Professional Strength Coach - Akron, Ohio

  “I’ve used PH with my athletes and this drink hydrates and promotes recovery faster than the leading drinks out there.” 

Andy B. - CEO & Physical Therapist - Calabasas, California

 “PH is a fantastic hydration solution. The healthy qualities are a rarity in the sports drink world. It tastes great and has a formula that caters very well for athletes and the general population.” 

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