Project Hydrate
Project Hydrate

What's your Project?

About Us

What's your Project?

Whether you want to run your first 5k or win the World Series, everyone has a project.  Our project is to give you the best products out there...period.

Project Hydrate was started with you in mind the every day athlete.

Our Story

 In 2010, we started our company to bring athletes an all natural hydration solution that everyone can enjoy.  Our professional strength & nutrition staff has selected the very best ingredients that will give you the best results pre- and post workout.   

We are committed to producing all-natural beverages that are specifically formulated to aid in the recover of dehydrated athletes.  With the infusion of all-natural ingredients, our product stands apart from the rest by being a healthy alternative in the sports drink world.  To find out more click below to hear our story.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a life style brand that encourages people to live healthy lives through proper nutrition and sport. 


Sarah T. - Personal Trainer Houston, Texas

 “PH is the best product I’ve seen to hydrate athletes at all levels.” 

Michael M. - Professional Strength Coach - Akron, Ohio

  “I’ve used PH with my athletes and this drink hydrates and promotes recovery faster than the leading drinks out there.” 

Andy B. - CEO & Physical Therapist - Calabasas, California

 “PH is a fantastic hydration solution. The healthy qualities are a rarity in the sports drink world. It tastes great and has a formula that caters very well for athletes and the general population.” 

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